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Joining a farmers market can be intimidating but PFM makes it easy!

Whether your starting something new, expanding your business or just looking for a guest spot, PFM is here to help achieve your goals.

Our Goal

Our primary goal is to provide a profitable retail sales outlet for area Farmers/Growers, and to promote the production of high quality locally grown produce and other farm or agricultural products. Additionally, to enhance both the Market and the community, we include baked goods, value-added food products, crafts and other locally prepared merchandise to educate the consumer in the value of local production while offering a direct experience of Food and Community.

The strength of the Market, and the well being of all its members, lies in our ability to work together and draw from our diversity of experience and backgrounds. These guidelines exist to support and promote the continuance of the stated objectives.

Our Strategy

PFM strives to bring together local growers and artisans who provide and produce the highest-quality goods for our PFM Guests.


Physician Herman Boerhaave modeled the digestive process.


PFM continues to educate its guests about the importance of buying sustainably, and provide them with tools and resources for making better food choices.

Health Coach

Physician Herman Boerhaave modeled the digestive process.


PFM offers farmers and other small businesses a great, cost effective, opportunity to connect with customers and sell the items, year round.

  • Flat Fees
  • No Commissions
  • Year Round

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