Stop by & Meet your Farmers’ Market!

Saturdays, 10-1pm

Farmers markets are much more than just a place to sell produce; they offer important benefits to
farmers, buyers, and communities across the United States. Farmers markets provide a venue for
communities to socialize, revitalize downtown districts, and help educate people to make healthier food

Purcellville Farmers’ Market offers a direct experience of Food and Community. Supplying its guest with fresh, healthy, and locally produced items which coincide with our community outreach and involvement efforts making Purcellville’s Farmers’ Market truly a market for the town.

Come out and meet your neighbors. Learn more about our items from the people who have put their hearts into producing a product well enough to be served to their families and yours.

Join our wonderful group of Vendors every Saturday 10am-1pm, in the parking lot of The Shoppes at Maple and Main located at 717 E Main Street, Purcellville, VA. 20132